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Taylor Woodrow & Alston Partnership: Community Impact Management


Taylor Woodrow and Alston Partnership delivered the construction of phase 2 of the Nottingham Tram extension. During construction Chilwell High Road to be closed to all vehicles, with potentially serious implications for around 90 local businesses and 30 residents.


Davies & Robson Consultants in Logistics were appointed to evaluate the impact and design, implement and manage a solution to ensure construction would be completed safely and according to plan, whilst minimising commercial impact on businesses and inconvenience to residents.


Our solution involved opening a new road across private land, the establishment of a distribution centre for deliveries to local businesses and increasing the number and location of unloading points. We provide two accredited interim managers to oversea the project.



“It has been a pleasure to work with Davies & Robson logistics consultancy over the last two years [...] They were set the challenging task of supporting over 80 operational businesses and their customers through an 18 month complete road closure [...] They combined a professional back officeapproachwith a highly visible daily presence on site. It is clear that they developed warm relationships with each business, allowing them to continue to function, despite the lack of road access.”

John Delaney, Head of Property Services, Broxtowe Borough Council

“Davies & Robson's logistics consultancy services were first employed some two years ago by Nottingham's Tram Contractors [...] On meeting the Davies & Robson logistic team our initial fears began to be lifted as they got to know the day to day workings of our business and put in to place the solutions we needed within a matter of days [...] I would have to say that they both exceeded my expectations and have gone well beyond and above the call of duty to keep my business operational, the result of which, so far, I have not had to relocate, a fear that I was having to face I can only say, many thanks!”

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