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Effective and efficient logistics operations are intrinsic to overall business success. With ever-rising customer expectations it is logistics leaders, and the broader supply chain management, that will determine whether standards are met. Increasing competition provides a further challenge of satisfying these expectations with optimum efficiency.

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The Logistics Recruitment Challenge

  • At a strategic level the judgement calls are ever more complex. Logistics leaders have to balance variables of technology, product change and demand with capacity, service and efficiency. At an operational level there is a continuous challenge to manage and motivate logistics teams to perform in high pressure and demanding environments.
  • Constantly changing product lines not only impact on inbound lead times and capacity planning but mean that the most efficient picking processes and layouts need to be dynamic if they are to deliver the performance expected of them.
  • There is a finite pool of available talent to perform at the level required in these roles. Identifying and attracting the best candidates to lead and manage logistics operations requires careful assessment of character, aptitude and experience.

Typical Roles Recruited within Logistics

Our clients include SMEs, UK subsidiaries and large corporates. They are from a wide range of sectors including 3PL, retail, manufacturing, FMCG, food, pharmaceutical, industrial and wholesale.

  • Logistics Director
  • Head of Distribution
  • Warehouse Director
  • Operations Director
  • Head of Transport
  • Warehouse General Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Transport Manager
  • Transport Planner
  • Shift Manager
  • Transport Director
  • Logistics Manager
  • Team Leader - Warehouse
  • Team Leader - Transport

Davies & Robson Logistics Recruitment Services

Using our in depth understanding of how logistics operations work, and what it takes to lead and manage them, Davies & Robson provides professional and knowledge led logistics recruitment services. Our services focus on the recruitment of senior leadership and management roles in a wide range of logistics operations, as well as tailored solutions for the recruitment of team and shift management requirements.

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