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Advertised Selection Service

Recruitment Advertising Solution

Logistics and supply chain positions are becoming increasingly specialised, each requiring a unique mix of experiences and skills. As the pool of candidates narrows, integrating advertisement into your executive search projects can be extremely beneficial for maximising the reach of your recruitment campaigns.

Campaign Management

Our advertising selection services provide media selection and management, copy writing and the capability to manage the candidate response. Using our understanding of the demographics of the various generic and industry specific advertising media, and their suitability for varying levels of seniority, we are able to suggest the most appropriate media for a given role.

CV Screening & Filtering

The ease of online candidate application and reduced barrier to applying (of a letter, envelope and stamp), often generates suitable candidates, but amongst a high volume of poor quality applications which can be resource intensive to process. Our Selection service offers the resource and expertise to filter the quality applications from the response. If required, our candidate evaluation services can also be engaged to produce a final client short list.

Online Advertising

Our recruitment consultants are well rehearsed at creating optimised job adverts to maximise exposure on job boards, industry specific sites and social media networks. We saturate engaging copy with industry specific keywords to ensure they appear in search and attract applicants suited to the advertised role. 

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If you are interested in placing a position with us, we can help you attract and identify a shortlist of potential candidates with the right set of expertise to make a success of the role through a managed recruitment process. Call us on 01327 349090 to speak to one of our recruitment consultants or CONTACT US WITH YOUR LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN RECRUITMENT NEEDS

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